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Sedano’s Weekly Ad

In 1961 Hispanic businessman Rene Sedano decided to open a supermarket in Miami, Florida to cater to the Hispanic community in the area. That year, the very first Sedano grocery store opened. Later on, Rene Sedano decided to sell his grocery store to fellow Hispanic businessman Armando Guerra. Because the store was already well known in the area Guerra chose to keep the name ‘Sedano’ for the store. It became a family ran business when Guerra encouraged relatives to join him in managing the stores. In the early part of the 1980s, a change of management happened when Manuel Herran became the President of the retail store company. Herran motivated the people working with him and the company when he allowed them to invest in the company and acquire part ownership of the stores. This allowed the company to expand to 30 stores around the Miami and Palm Beach area.

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