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Kroger is one of the top American retailer company and the largest grocery store chain in the United States of America. It also owns well-known subsidiaries such as King Soopers, Jay C Food Stores and City Market. The company was founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. Proving its success in the market, it now has more than 3,600 outlets. Unlike other retail chains, the company has other store concepts such as convenience stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and jewelry stores. Kroger proves to be an innovative retail company because it also has a chain of pharmacies, movie rental kiosks, and supermarket gas stations. Currently, Kroger has its markets in thirty one American states. It is headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio and offers value for money shopping with its weekly deals and coupons. More information about the company can be accessed at Kroger.  The family of stores pertaining to Kroger comes in multiple store formats like mall jewelry stores, convenience stores, multi-department stores and grocery stores or supermarkets. The company believes in the principle or practice of maintaining brand loyalty with their consumers or customers through strong ties or relationships.


When it comes to shopping, irrespective of whether it is grocery shopping or jewelry shopping, who wouldn’t want to have more savings if given the chance? Kroger believes in offering the best products to its customers at the most affordable or attractive prices. That is why the company introduced Kroger weekly ad. Every week, the company publishes local ads sensitizing the people about new arrivals and current promotional offers. One can find special deals thanks to the Kroger weekly circular. In order to view these weekly ads, all one has to do is to head over to the official website in order to use a tool known as ‘Weekly Ads Finder’.


What this tool does is that it offers weekly ads pertaining to a particular area or neighborhood. In the Weekly Ads Finder tool you just need to key in your postal code or ZIP code and the city, state or province that you’re currently residing in and you will be able to view the weekly ads. You can choose to display the ads of only those stores that are within ten to over fifty miles from your house. Take your time to browse or go through the ad because you will be able to come across a lot of attractive deals that can help you save a lot of money.


If Kroger weekly deals in the local ads do not appeal to you then you can make use of the Kroger weekly coupons. These are digital coupons that are easy to use. The number one reason why people use these coupons is to save money, and in the process of making savings they do not mind putting in a bit of effort and investing some time to discover these coupons. Like the weekly ad, the coupons too can be found on Kroger’s official website. Those interested in the coupons should navigate to a section known as ‘Digital coupons’. In order to use them one should have a Kroger Plus Card.


If you don’t have an account on the official website of Kroger then you can have one created using your Kroger Plus Card. Just follow the instructions given on the website and your account will be created in no time. Once the account is created, login to it and load the coupons on to the card for use when checking out of Kroger. Things cannot get any simpler than this! Apart from the official website, one can also find coupons on other external or third party websites. These are of course a less reliable or efficient solution in comparison to the official site because the former may not offer genuine and active coupon codes.