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Harding’s Weekly Ad

Harding’s Friendly Markets has long been making business since Melvin R. Harding built the grocer in 1925. Starting out as a national food chain, Mr. Harding has emphasized great customer service to spearhead his grocer campaign. In fact, that philosophy is summarized by the words “Customers deserve the best service possible provided by friendly employees.” There’s even this policy where customers can get a refund if no one spoke to him or her even once after going through the check-out counter.

The early pioneers of the company were Herb Corum, Roscoe Hill, Dutch Spierling, Millie Ponds, Dave Kauffman and Lee Miller. They were instrumental in the company’s early development and are responsible for what Harding’s Friendly Markets is today. Currently, Harding’s has 29 stores in Michigan and Indiana.

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