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Gander Mountain Weekly Ad

Gander Mountain is a network of stores specializing in outdoor products and services. It sells merchandize for hunting, camping, fishing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. Today, Gander Mountain has over 119 stores in 23 states across the United States.

Starting out as a catalog-based retailer in Wilmot, Wisconsin, the company has found its niche in outdoor products and services and has blossomed as a retailer due to its proximity to the Gander Mountain, which is the highest point in Lake County, Illinois.

The company was bought by Cabala’s in 1999 by a no-compete clause. It then won a lawsuit against Cabala’s and was finally able to resume operations in 2007.

The company’s advertising campaigns were a resounding success; the slogans used were “We Live Outdoors” and Hunt. Fish. Camp.” Today, the company continues to provide quality outdoor products and great service to outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

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